Chapter V: Psycho Killer

November 26, 2018

After a major crime spree and alleged involement in the murder of Lela Potts, the Lords of Death headed to Flordia to try to start a new life. Unable to stay out of trouble, the gang headed back to Guernsey County and plotted one last robbery to sustain them through the end of the year. When the heist didn’t go as planned, a series of events unfolded that put the Lords of Death in jeopardy.

Chapter IV: I Think I’m in Trouble

November 12, 2018

In Chapter 4, Thrasher heads to Guernsey County to uncover the truth about the Potts murders. While there, he catches up with an old friend and searches for Tim’s brother who is rumored to be homeless. Tim’s activities in the aftermath of Lela’s murder are uncovered and a second lord of death is revealed.

Chapter III: Heartache Tonight

October 29, 2018

In 1989, two men, Mick Mcquerter and Timothy Terrell met in prison. They quickly became close friends and agreed that when they were released they would do whatever they could to help each other out. Mick was serving time for a murder in West Virginia and Tim was in for robbing a gunstore near Guernsey County, Ohio. After his release from prison in 1993, Mick moved to Dayton, Ohio to start a new life. He met a woman named Kari and moved in with her and her two children. He was living a life he never thought was possible considering his past and him and Kari fell in love. Then, in 1995, Tim reached out to Mick and needed a place to stay following a divorce. What Mick didn’t realize at the time was that his friendship with Tim was going to lead to him losing everything he cared about and change the lives of Kari and her children forever. 

Trailer 2

October 27, 2018

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Chapter II: If You Mess With Us…

October 7, 2018

Peculiar events started happening in Guernsey County after Homer Potts murder. Occult symbolism, slaughtered cattle, and savage robberies began to haunt the area. 20 months after Homer's murder, something happened in Byesville that would haunt the town for decades. 

Chapter I: Wolf at the Door

September 30, 2018

Homer Potts was stabbed to death in his home under mysterious circumstances on February 26, 1987. His wife, Lela, was found brutally stabbed to death in the same home 20 months later. As fear gripped the area, law enforcement failed to bring the culprits to justice. 30 years later these cases have both gone cold. 

Lords of Death Trailer

September 23, 2018

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